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Tips for Maintaining Your Suits

March 28, 2014

No one likes to buy suits and have them wear out quickly. Here are some tips on how to increase the life of your suits and keep them looking newer, longer.   - Use a hanger that is thick enough to fully support the shoulders of the jacket and never hang them on the normal, thin hangers. - Fold and hang your trousers properly on a hanger to allow them to regain their shape.  Try not to wear the same pants too often.   - Consider investing in a clothing steamer.  This will help keep your suits looking fresher, longer without having to take them to the dry cleaners.   - Unbutton your jacket when sitting to prevent the jacket...

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Finding the Right Tailor

March 12, 2014

Behind every guy in a great looking suit is an even better tailor. Whether it be a custom tailored suit or a suit bought off the rack..a great tailor played a major role in making the wearer look his best. Having a tailor you trust is essential for everyone. But how do you know who is worth your time and money? The easiest thing to do is to just ask your friends..guys and girls.  You'd be amazed at how often women need things altered or tailored so they more than likely have a shop they frequent and love.  A word of mouth recommendation is definitely one of the best ways to find a great, local tailor. An easy way to...

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